Sketches by Zod: The Wedding is a serialized, audio fiction dramedy that follows twelve Zodiac Women at a wedding. 

It’s available for listening, reading, or watching. 

Theater-goers, stargazers, tea drinkers, story enthusiasts, and anyone who’d catch a Dickens reference…pull up an airpod and join the party!

Depending on who’s narrating, the story is zany, dark, poetic, wordy, peculiar, buck-wild, uncomfortable, ridiculous, exhausting, philosophical, confusing, tragic, and always over-the-top (always so way over-the-top, ya’ll.)

Jacqlyn Phillips is an English teacher based in North Carolina. She’s been writing and performing her whole life. The Wedding is her first audio fiction romp.

Back in 2015, Jacqlyn started writing The Wedding as an experiment in storytelling: how to write fiction for the Internet? Fiction that was fractured? Rabidly perspectival? The likes of which would put social media to shame?

The Zodiac seemed like a great starting point for such a venture, so she ran with it and ended up with a story told twelve ways.

Chapter One is currently in full release swing!

New episodes are released every other Wednesday.

Updates and teasers can be found on the story’s Instagram account.

Listen to episodes wherever you get your podcasts.

Watch acoustic readings on the story’s Youtube channel

Read episodes here

You can also navigate to the desired episode on this website and enjoy everything in one place!

Release Schedule

Chapter One
Publishing 90%
Chapter Two
Recording 65%
Chapter Three
Written 50%
Chapter Four
Writing 30%
Chapter Five
Writing 30%

Prologue / Trailer



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