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It’s a midsummer’s evening on a historical estate in southern Georgia. The cicadas whir. A band plays. The scene is idyllic and ordered.

But night is falling fast, a storm is on the horizon, and don’t forget that cantankerous Garden in the middle of everything!

What will happen when the Zodiac Women arrive? Will they behave? Or will they choose to revel in the wilds of the night, the storm, the Garden, and ultimately themselves?

The Wedding is an audio novella that follows the idiosyncratic misadventures of twelve Zodiac Women at a wedding.

It’s written like a book, produced like an audio drama, and performed as a one-woman show.

Zod help us!

Release Schedule

Chapter One
Published! 100%
Chapter Two
Published! 100%
Chapter Three
Recording... 50%
Chapter Four
Rehearsing... 40%
Chapter Five
Written 20%




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